Dr. Norton completed an APA accredited internship in Forensic/Correctional Psychology in 1990, a year of supervised post-doctoral experience, and 10 subsequent years conducting Forensic evaluations for the Federal Courts, with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Dr. Norton opened a private practice, Norton Psychological Services, in 2001, specializing in Correctional/Law Enforcement/Forensic psychology.

Since, Dr. Norton has conducted numerous Rule 20 Forensic evaluations for local Minnesota State courts. He has also completed civil commitment evaluations, offender risk and sentencing evaluations, and probation/parole evaluations. These evaluations have been for both adult and juvenile defendants. In addition, Dr. Norton has continued to conduct occasional Forensic evaluations for the Federal courts.

For the last 22 years, Dr. Norton has taught graduate level coursework in forensic and correctional psychology, and has conducted several presentations on forensic and correctional topics.

Dr. Norton has the training, experience, knowledge, and work ethic to conduct and complete quality psychological evaluations for the legal system.

Current criminal assessments include:

  • Competency to Stand Trial
  • Responsibility at time of Offense
  • Mitigating Factors Defense
  • Diminished Capacity
  • Dangerousness

Current Civil assessments include:

  • Mentally Ill Individual
  • Chemically Dependent Individual
  • Mentally Ill and Dangerous
  • Mentally Retarded/Mentally Deficient